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Turtles Sunning #2. Ordering Info.
Sunset Stroll #5. Ordering Info.
Bubble Bath #7. Ordering Info.
Susan #12. Ordering Info.
Mystical Adventure #13. Ordering Info.
Sun Lovers #14. Ordering Info.
Summer Snow #16. Ordering Info.
Points Of White #17. Ordering Info.
Sparkle Grass #18. Ordering Info.
Oak Stone #20. Ordering Info.
Floral Fence #21. Ordering Info.
Rainbow Trail #23. Ordering Info.
Buck Stops #25. Ordering Info.
Four Of Hearts #26. Ordering Info.
Sunburst #32. Ordering Info.
After The Rain #01. Ordering Info.
Fire Flower #03. Ordering Info.
Dandy Fall #04. Ordering Info.
Honeysuckle Fence #06. Ordering Info.
Purple Popper #35. Ordering Info.
Laisy Dog #36. Ordering Info.
Purple Petal Pusher #37. Ordering Info.
Have an up close and personal look! Ordering Info.
Flowers by Bauers Mini-Gallery. Ordering Info.
New Location! Hair Etc. Come and see!. Ordering Info.
Mr. John Bloom of Hair Etc. New Location! Ordering Info.



No real sales pitch... just a collection of handpicked 11 x 14 inch images offered up as suggestions for the nature lover on your gift list.

Captured on my walks in Harford County, MD, this group of photos represents what many of you have voted (with your 'Likes' and comments) as some of my better photos.

Prints are $29.99 each. Framed prints are $39.99 each. Standard frame is a contemporary design with sleek lines and a glossy black finish. Shipping and Handling is $10 for an unframed print or $18 for a framed print. Framed prints are packed and shipped individually. Save on shipping with the purchase of multiple unframed prints which can be shipped in the same container. Prints ship via Priority Mail. Please contact me for shipping rates outside the US (this includes Hawaii and Alaska). Are you local to the Jarrettsville area? Inquire about print pick-up to avoid shipping costs.

Please send me a message or email with any questions you may have. Order soon for timely holiday delivery.

Please make payment to via PayPal.

In case you are unfamiliar with my work, some of my new stuff may be viewed by visiting

And yes, the wmiii watermark across the middle of each image will not appear in your prints.




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